-6 June 2021

11. International Trade Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition Technology and Sanitation

According to the Hungarian Government’s annoucement on 25th February, the restrictions imposed due to the epidemic situation (including the ban on holding events) have been extended until 15th March. So that the organisation of CONSTRUMA Home Creation Exhibition Bouquet (CONSTRUMA, HUNGAROTHERM, HOMEDesign) at the originally announced April date became uncertain.

The management of Hungexpo Ltd. considering all this and keeping in mind the interests of our exhibitors, decided to postpone the Construma, Hungarotherm and HOMEDesign exhibitions.

The new date: 2-6 June,2021

We hope that we can organise the Construma exhibition bouquet at this time.

CONSTRUMA, the top event of Hungarian construction industry and the leading home creation exhibition bunch in the Central-Eastern European region will offer good chance for construction industry, building engineering and interior design industry, furniture industry to introduce themselves and present their novelties in spring in Hungary at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

The biannually organised HUNGAROTHERM, the biggest Hungarian building engineering trade exhibition, will be part of this exhibition bunch in 2021, beside CONSTRUMA and HOMEDesign. The exhibition’s strongest theme is heating and ventilation technology, yet apart from the increasing presence of solar power technology, the themes of renewable energy (RENEO) and related fields of building services engineering and their innovations are also increasingly highlighted. Apart from the presence of manufacturers, the top quality professional accompanying programs are of great appeal for visitors. In 2021, the qualifying rounds of an international water, gas and heating installation competition will take place at the exhibition.

The CONSTRUMA bouquet is one of the engines for  the development of the sector: it not only presents the innovations of the industry, but also foresees the development directions, helps the professionals in orientation and professional training. Concentrated market, excellent opportunity for professional recharging, concluding deals. The focus will be on digitization, innovation and efficiency.

Significant professional conferences, competitions, presentations make the exhibitions – as usual – even more attractive for visitors in 2021 as well.

300 companies, on nearly 12,000 sqm

has already applied for CONSTRUMA bouquet 2021.


In 2021, the exhibitors and visitors of the jubilee exhibition bouquet will be already received by the newly built and renovated pavilions in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center:

The hygiene rules that minimize the health risk on the venue, which we have successfully applied already this autumn – if it is necessary in line with the actual official regulations – will be maintained in 2021 to protect our exhibitors and visitors.
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The exhibition, which was postponed from spring to autumn due to the COVID-19 virus epidemic, with increased hygiene rules, was the most important business event in the industry this year. According to the Secretary of State for ITM, due to the changed circumstances, there is an even greater need for similar events than before. Due to the virus situation introduced new entry rules and new security standards which developed by the organizers were well examined. More: HERE


Nearly 50 thousand visitors attended the recently concluded 38th CONSTRUMA homemaking exhibition. 600 exhibitors from 20 countries presented their novelties at the top domestic construction industry event at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center. Apart from the CONSTRUMA and HOMEDesign exhibitions, the event in 2019 featured the bi-annual HUNGAROTHERM as part of the assortment of exhibitions, allowing professional visitors to gain an even wider base of information on novelties. Participants of the professional events tied to the exhibition discussed the rapid growth of the industry alongside labour shortage-related issues.

Every year, Hungexpo places a great deal of emphasis on the professional advancement of construction industry experts. Accordingly, with the assistance of its professional partners, it features a number of conferences and workshops for CONSTRUMA visitors that deal with the latest trends, technological innovations and current professional issues. The first three days of the event were again devoted solely to the professionals.

Record Turnover in Hungarian construction industry with Problems to be Resolved

Over the last two years, the Hungarian construction industry provided an outstanding performance with the sector’s output showing an overall increase of 56 percent – said Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation László György of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM), adding that for the period between 2018 and 2023, the construction industry’s stock of orders amount to HUF 25 thousand billion. In order to ensure the steady level of results, the State Secretariat prepared a construction economy strategy with the involvement of professional organisations – the National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors (ÉVOSZ) and the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers – which the government is set to discuss in the month of April, added the State Secretary. One of the key elements of the strategy is the tender for the technological modernization of the construction industry, through which the government provided grants of HUF 16 billion for expanding the capacities of small and mid-size enterprises. The call for bids is anticipated to continue through the month of April with an additional allocation of HUF 6 billion, added the State Secretary.

The forum taking place on the opening day of the exhibition, encompassing the entire construction industry, was hosted by ÉVOSZ, the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At the conference entitled Opportunities of the Construction Economy, President of ÉVOSZ László Koji explained, amongst other things, that over a ten-year period, 150 thousand fewer new apartments were built than necessary and this shortcoming has to be rectified over the next 15 years while the construction industry also accommodates the newly arising needs. The greatest challenge is the lack of professionals and capacities compared to the number of orders. This was also confirmed by President of the Industrial Department of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zsolt Zsabka, who explained that currently, the greatest issue is not so much the quality, but rather the actual completion of the works. All in attendance agreed that over the next one to two years, the construction industry will show a growth of around 15 percent, in which the ratio of the currently dominant state, as well as industrial and private orders may change over time.