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CONSTRUMA 2017 – Full of Liveliness

Exhibitors and visitors alike were satisfied upon the closure of the 36th Construma on Sunday. The greatest home making and construction industry assortment of exhibitions of the Central Eastern European region attracted even more visitors than last year, with nearly 60 thousand guests attending the exhibition at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. The first construction industry job fair was highly successful, which was Hungexpo's way of reacting to one of the greatest problems of the industry. More: here


The Construma exhibition bunch is going to be a full-house event this April!
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The participation rate of the exhibitors reached a new record for this year’s CONSTRUMA homemaking exhibition bunch, till the end of January almost all the places have been sold in our pavilions. This means that this year’s exhibition is going to be a great success and the visitors could expect a very high standard exhibition between 5-9 April at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

Because this year is an odd year the HUNGAROTHERM exhibition also joins the exhibition bunch. Therefore the building industry (CONSTRUMA) the HOMEDesign, garden design and maintenance (CONSTRUMA GARDEN) the renewable energies (RENEO) topics together with the building engineering covers all the elements of the Homemaking.

The Construma in the past years, went through a lot of changes mainly because of economical and demand changes. Hungary’s biggest building technology exhibition has became a complex, multidisciplinary, professional exhibition bunch which shows the new trends to the visitors.

For a higher number of visitors exhibitors are preparing  a great variety of supplies, and also more highlighted projects will be launched to present the future trends and modern solutions.

This years novelties in few words:

  • New ECO CITY project, focused on the smart city concept and the transportation challanges of the modern cities
  • HOME OF THE FUTURE project, smart homes
  • CONSTRUMA / HUNGAROTHERM job fair with the cooperation of RANDSTAD Hungary
  • Organized guided tour for professional visitors

Of course the unmissable part of the exhibition, the conferences and workshops will be organized this year too. About this and other news we will inform you soon. Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and on LinkedIn.





Nearly 50 000 visitors

CONSTRUMA bunch was concluded with a weekend of exceptionally high turnout, subsequent to the professional days with rather high attendance, with nearly 50.000 people surveying the assortment of exhibitions and thus surpassing the number of visitors in recent years. 550 exhibitors from 14 countries apart from Hungary (Algeria, Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus, Greece, India, China, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, the Ukraine) presented their products and services on over 18 thousand square feet of space. The assortment of five exhibitions – CONSTRUMA, CONSTRUMA Graden, HOMEDesign, HUNGAROTHERM and RENEO – was augmented this year by the 22nd Flat Fair. The Construma assortment of exhibitions was capable of reinforcing its market position compared to similar events of the region, whilst becoming the leading professional exhibition of the narrowly defined region through its reconceptualization. Practically all exhibitors reported a higher level of interest and a growing number of deals compared to last year’s exhibition.

According to construction and investment experts, the growing number of exhibitors and visitors clearly shows that after seven lean years, positive changes are taking place in the Hungarian construction industry. Starting from a low base, after the domestic market recession of the previous 7 years, in 2014 the sector has increased its performance by 14.2% compared to the previous year. Although the majority of this was achieved through road, rail and utility construction, as well as high value hospital, educational institution and sporting facility projects, the industry hopes that positive changes will be noticeable in the field of housing construction as well.

In his speech at the exhibition’s opening, Béla Glattfelder, economic regulation under-secretary of the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy (NGM) stressed that through the announcement of new EU tenders they wish to facilitate the renewed expansion of the construction industry’s commissions. A new feature of the tenders is that entrants may apply for EU funds for the refurbishment of private homes. Furthermore, he added that in the upcoming years, they are planning for the renovation of 700 thousand flats, thus creating approximately 40 thousand new jobs in the construction industry. Therefore, apart from the construction of new homes and the construction and renovation of public buildings, the subsidized renovation of private flats will also contribute to the expansion of the sector. The under-secretary confirmed that the government aims to facilitate the further expansion of the construction industry and the creation of new jobs.

Successful Innovations at Construma

One of the main results of this year’s CONSTRUMA exhibition was that CONSTRUMA Garden enlisted practically the entire domestic gardening profession, thus turning the exhibition into the greatest spring gardening and landscaping event in the region. As a traditional part of CONSTRUMA, the exhibitors of HOMEDesign filled two whole pavilions this year. The increasingly prestigious exhibition featured the innovation of the domestic design scene, Download Design – a joint project of the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and the Furniture Association: a compilation of ground-breaking, freely usable, downloadable designs from the young designers of MOME.
One of CONSTRUMA’s main partners, the Chamber of Hungarian Architects, held its compulsory training at the same time as the exhibition, with almost three hundred participants.
Leading Trends in Building Engineering was packed with visitors, just as the professional conference entitled Innovations in Architecture.
The SMART CITY Mayoral Academy was a huge success, which allowed mayors to familiarize themselves with the details of the National Energy Strategy for the Building Sector (NéeS), including opportunities for tenders and development which allow for the more economic energy consumption of their settlements.